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Applications Programmer - Careers

Applications Programmer
Development & Operations
Reports To Chief Executive
Working Hours
- 5-days work week (Mon-Fri)
- Full-time
- Choice of work locations at central, west or east
- Immediate availability
- Min. 4 years experience
Systems development experience in education, retail, accounting & inventory control domains are advantageous.
Official Duties
Development Skills:
Able to formulate algorithms to solve business operation problems & convert these algorithms into efficient production program codes
Have strong programming skills in Java language & APIs
Have strong database design & programming skills in MySQL SQL language
Have strong programming skills in JavaScript language & libraries like JQuery or MooTools, etc
Have strong web page layout skills in modern & responsive HTML &  CSS syntax & making such web pages compatible with different web browser flavours & versions
Have good understanding of HTTP protocol (e.g. GET, POST, header fields, byte serving) & how clients like web browsers & mobile apps use HTTP to communicate with web servers
Have good understanding of what SSL CA, server & client certificates
Have good understanding of using JSON data structures to pass information between servers & clients, & consuming JSON data over HTTP from servers in Java code
Able to develop web applications with standard Java Servlet API & deploy them to Apache Tomcat servlet containers
Able to develop & publish Android iOS applications that consume JSON data over HTTP from remote servers & with push notification function
Able to develop desktop applications with standard Java Swing or JavaFX API
Able to design print-format report templates (e.g. with JasperReports) & generate these reports programmatically in Java codes
Administration Skills:
Able to setup, configure, maintain, update & upgrade Apache Tomcat Servlet containers on Linux/Unix
Able to setup, configure, maintain, update & upgrade MySQL database servers on Linux/Unix
Able to configure, maintain, update & upgrade at least one flavour of enterprise-class Linux operating systems like RHELOracle Linux or SUSE Linux Enterprise, etc
Have good understanding of Bash scripting (e.g. backquote commands, for loops)
Have good understanding of Unix commands like awk, chmod, chown, crontab, service, tail, tar, vi, etc
Able to generate private keys, CSRs, CA certificates, server certificates & client certificates on Linux
Able to configure smtpd ftpd daemons on Linux
Interested applicants - send your resumes to: Jobs@BelieverMusic.Com
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