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Believer Music Cello AcademyTM

3-Weeks Accelerated Stage 1 Module // 1.5hr per lesson

Receive up to BM$13 by attending this module. BM$ can be used to offset future course fee payments.

[This module is tailored for youths (age 8-16, >140cm height) aspiring to play contemporary love songs]

Always wanted to pick up playing the cello? In just 3 short weeks (accelerated module), we've now made playing the cello possible for kids. Elementary is specially designed for the total beginner. Covering basic bowing patterns and note recognition, play radio hits of the past and present. Impress loved ones with the speed and ease at which you can start playing music. Join Believer Music today and begin your very own musical journey of a lifetime.

The main theme centers on THE STORY OF MANKIND – a revealing epic adventure that will take you from the unspoken pasts of humanity (World History) to current-day state of affairs and beyond. Come away with a worldview that promises to never leave you the same again.
Theme: THE STORY OF MANKIND: The Pre-Historic Age explores the early developments of humanity. Draw strength from the examples of early man as you witness the human spirit and will in action. 

Rhythm: Learn universal plucking and bowing techniques to apply in personal & group settings

Harmony: Easy-to-play bass notes

Duration: 3-week module; 1.5 hour weekly

Song Application: Accompanied play with backing tracks

Interactive Music Exercises: Note recognition and bass notes playing
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I’ve always wanted to learn to play the cello but thought that it'd be painful, difficult, and expensive. However, when Believer Music offered this course, I found that the fee is reasonable, and the ...
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Believer Music Cello Academy
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