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Contemporary Guitar ProgramTM
XP Trial [MP] (XP)

Receive up to BM$17 by attending this module. BM$ can be used to offset future course fee payments. 
Everyone can play music!
Music is a powerful antidote to the pressures of life. Picking up an instrument keeps your mind active and soul healthy. Our 3-Week XPerience Trial module gets you started on the right track.
Experience playing the Guitar and feel the joy of playing music for real. Unlock your music potential with our simple, beginner-oriented approach. Achieve your dreams of playing and singing your favourite songs!
Play 3 classic MandoPop songs over 3 weeks with a community of like-minded learners. Total beginners welcome, no musical experience needed.
Music: Build a strong music foundation based on natural feel   

Song Application: Play up to 3 contemporary pop songs 

Duration: 3-week course; 1-hour weekly lessons
Latest Testimonial
I kind of stumbled into this course somewhat. No regrets whatsoever for signing up though! It all started with a missed call I received from Believer Music...I called back and one of the Customer S...
  2. Believer Music is THE music school to Experience Life.
  3. We've made learning music in Singapore fun and affordable.
    Our branches are located in the West, Central, and East.
    (Commonwealth, Tanjong Pagar CBD, and Tampines)
    Explore our Keyboard, Drums, and Vocal Singing lessons.
    Join our Electric Guitar, Cajon, Ukulele or Guitar classes.
    Music lessons are catered to both children and adults.
    Free music trial lessons and workshops provided.
    Discover an exciting new hobby in music.
    Simple and quick online registration.
    Re-energize and meet new friends!