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Music Together (Dads For Life)

Believer Music celebrates the bond between father & child! A special tie-up with Dads For Life, ‘Music Together’ is a useful platform to play, bond and connect with your child through the power of music. 

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Calling all Dads! Bond with your child, while learning to play music for real? Yes, you can with Believer Music!


Lessons will be conducted Online @ Home-Based Learning, or On-Location in our studios when permitted.

No instrument at home? We’ll provide a loan instrument with every instrument purchase, so your child and you can effectively learn together at home!

✔️ Lessons conducted LIVE, directly from our studios
✔️ Interactive lessons similar to physical classes; non-lecture style
✔️ Tailored, on-the-spot individualised feedback
✔️ Enjoy lessons from the comfort and safety of home!

Term Details:
📅 12 Jul - 29 Aug // Guitar | E. Guitar | Ukulele | Cajon (7 weeks)
📅 12 Jul - 26 Sep // Keyboard | Drums | Voice (11 weeks)


📍 Location // Home-Based Learning | On-Location (when permitted)
🎶 Genres // English Pop | Mandopop | Praise Songs

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  2. Believer Music is THE music school to Experience Life.
  3. We've made learning music in Singapore fun and affordable.
    Our branches are located in the West, Central, and East.
    (Commonwealth, Tanjong Pagar CBD, and Tampines)
    Explore our Keyboard, Drums, and Vocal Singing lessons.
    Join our Electric Guitar, Cajon, Ukulele or Guitar classes.
    Music lessons are catered to both children and adults.
    Free music trial lessons and workshops provided.
    Discover an exciting new hobby in music.
    Simple and quick online registration.
    Re-energize and meet new friends!