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Believer Music Keyboard Academy

The Believer Music Keyboard Academy™ is a comprehensive 3-year course spanning across 6 modules. It revolutionizes dated traditional methods in music instruction to offer a more systematic, inspirational yet captivating learning experience. The carefully planned curriculum will ground learners in essential pedagogical rudiments and promises to sustain their interest through each stage. Course participants will be able to pursue music certifications from Trinity Guildhall conducted by the Trinity College of London after specific stages.

Come under the tutelage of a coaching team with a total combined training experience of more than 8,000 individuals ranging from 8-year olds to 60+ seniors. The Believer Music® coaching philosophy adopts a purpose-driven approach that encourages students to know why they learn what they learn. Our inspirational syllabus contains theme-based applications that will not only build essential musical-emotional quotient within the individual, but also sustain the learner’s music interest wholeheartedly.





Duration: 6 months per level; 1 hr per week

Initial: Pre-History
Grade 1: The Classical Age
Grade 2: The Middle Ages
Grade 3: The Renaissance (Grade 3 Examination)
Grade 4: The Scientific-Industrial Revolution
Grade 5: The Modern World (Grade 5 Examination) 

Obtain your Grade 5 keyboard certification from Trinity Guildhall in just 3 years instead of 5.

Why a Trinity Electronic Keyboard Exam?

Follow the theme-based syllabus that takes you on a journey through the unspoken pasts of humanity and beyond. Become all you can be as a charismatic, yet discerning musician. If you have always wanted more…We will take you there.

GRADE 7INITIALGRADE 1GRADE 2GRADE 3GRADE 4GRADE 5GRADE 6Believer Music Keyboard Academy - Grade 6 (11 Weeks of 33 Sessions) (Clinic)KEYBOARD ACADEMY CLINIC @ BELIEVER MUSIC (4 Sessions) (Clinic)KEYBOARD ACADEMY CLINIC @ BELIEVER MUSIC (10 Sessions) (Clinic)KEYBOARD ACADEMY CLINIC @ BELIEVER MUSIC (15 Sessions) (Clinic)
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