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Available at all Believer Music outlets, Believer Music Retail features more than 250 carefully selected musical instruments and accessories from 35 top-selling music brands. With so many selections out there for the beginning musician, we know your needs and have done the homework for you. 
We continually source for quality music merchandise, products we ourselves would use, and constantly add them to our inventory. We stand by the brands we carry and highly recommend them with a select range for the beginner right up to the performing musician. 
From keyboards to guitar amplifiers to professional singing microphones, Believer Music Retail is where value, quality and trust is always assured and delivered. 

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New Strings New Life

Change your strings with the appropriate gauges for improved sound and playing ease.
Restringing with the correct method requires proper execution. If improperly strung, your strings will suffer loss of tone and sustain, and will also detune easily. Excess tail-ends from strings will also cause abrasions to gig bags and hands.
*Strings not included


2- String Conditioning
Bring Back The Spark

Without proper maintenance, corroded strings will not only make your guitar sound lacklustre, but will also cause premature fret-wear.
Moisture from air and sweat corrode the strings, shortening their life-span. String conditioning is a process where our technician will de-rust, lubricate, and bring life to your strings again.


3- Fretboard Conditioning
For Guitars Old and New

Dirt and grit collect mostly on fret-boards, resulting in bacteria build-up.
Fretboards have exposed wood pores that require cleaning and conditioning every once in a while. Lack of conditioning causes hairline cracks as well as poorer sustain. This service includes polishing and shining of all frets.
*Non-maple fretboards only


4- Polishing
Bring Back the Shine

Grease build-up, perspiration marks and dirt equals dampened sounds.

Dirt and grease means a denser vibrating diaphragm, resulting in poorer sustain. Polishing will improve clarity and volume resulting in a distinctively livelier sound. It also brings back the original lustre shine, giving your guitar a 'brand new' look and feel. *Gloss Finish only


5-Basic Set Up
Play with Ease

50% of people give up playing because of ‘high action’.

The other 50% live with high action for the rest of their lives! Having strungs too ‘high-strung’ or suspended will deplete your sense of joy. Action must always be adjusted, even for brand new guitars. An easier-to-play guitar makes you more inspired to learn more too! *This service includes truss-rod and saddle adjustment.



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