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Music Adventure CampTM
Ages 7-11 (SHP)

Campers aged 7-11 will learn basic strumming and chords on the Ukulele, sing their heart out with Voice, play chords on a Keyboard and beat to a groove on the Cajon!

With or without any music background, every participant will learn to play a song on each instrument. One thing is for sure, the friendships created and fun shared through the enriching experience will be fondly remembered. Perhaps most importantly, the values imparted will shape a brighter future.
Don’t worry about your child going hungry in camp! Quality meals and bottled water will be provided throughout each day. Each camper will also be presented with Course Materials and a smart Limited-Edition Pullover Vest upon arrival. 

Vacancies are limited so sign up your child along with friends to avoid disappointment plus enjoy an Early Bird Discount!

Quality meals (Halal Certified) and bottled water will be provided throughout each day.
Exclusive Add-On for Campers At International Plaza 🎶🎹 2-Day Music + Art Adventure Camp! 🎨🖌️
MUSIC PROGRAM 音乐节目 | 10am to 3pm
✔️ Learn 4 Instruments in 2 Days! 短短两天时间,四种乐器
✔️ Uncover Musical Potential 发掘音乐潜力
✔️ Rekindle Love For Learning 重燃对学习的热爱
✔️ Elevate Focus & Confidence 提升专注力和信心
ART PROGRAM 艺术节目 (Available Only @ International Plaza) | 3:30pm to 5:30pm
✔️ Chinese Calligraphy (Name Writing) (书法姓名书写)
✔️ Improve Handwriting 改善笔迹
✔️ Relaxing Activity For Kids 小孩的放松活动
✔️ Build Neuroplasticity & Coordination 建立神经可塑性和协调性
2-Day Music Adventure Camp 
Monday & Tuesday | 27 & 28 May
10:00 - 15:00
15:30 - 17:30hrs (optional add-on art program)
Wednesday & Thursday | 29 & 30 May
15:30 - 17:30hrs (optional add-on art program)

Monday & Tuesday | 27 & 28 May
Wednesday & Thursday | 29 & 30 May

Learning the Guitar at Believer Music – By Mad Psych Mum
I had such a good time during class that 1 hour went by too quickly!
I was impressed by how new their instruments and how professional their music studios were. They even produced their own line of instruments.
The Believer Music Difference – made learning music possible for everyone – By Kiasu Parents
Many people dream of playing an instrument, but few have managed to make that a reality on their own. Realizing this, Believer Music has made learning music possible for everyone.
The leading contemporary music centre has made music accessible to all – from ages 7 to 60 and up, to be exact – and offers a wide array of courses… at multiple levels for anyone from beginners to advanced learners.
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Music Adventure Camp
School Holiday Track
Ages 7-11Ages 12-16
  2. Believer Music is THE music school to Experience Life.
  3. We've made learning music in Singapore fun and affordable.
    Our branches are located in the West, Central, and East.
    (Commonwealth, Tanjong Pagar CBD, Novena and Tampines)
    Explore our Keyboard, Drums, and Vocal Singing lessons.
    Join our Electric Guitar, Cajon, Ukulele or Guitar classes.
    Music lessons are catered to both children and adults.
    Free music trial lessons and workshops provided.
    Discover an exciting new hobby in music.
    Simple and quick online registration.
    Re-energize and meet new friends!