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Believer Silver Keyboard ProgramTM

[This module is tailored for seniors aged above 50 who aspire to play contemporary praise songs]

Receive up to BM$21 by attending this module. BM$ can be used to offset future course fee payments.

Upon completion of the Beginner module, the Worship Dynamics series will impart you with the FEEL of using the keyboard for personal and small group settings. With a greater emphasis on technical dexterity, be thrilled by the synergy of rhythm variations and calming Ballad techniques.

Believer Music’s devotional format of integrative chord progressions will give you greater freedom to express yourself with your instrument. The thematic focus on THE HEART OF YAHWEH (Part 1 of 2) will captivate your heart to beat to the same rhythm as His.

Thematic Devotion: Discover THE HEART OF YAHWEH (Part 1 of 2). Connect and align your life with the heartbeat of heaven

Rhythm: Perfect your rhythm feel as you work through rhythms taught in Beginner module. New rhythmic variation as well as rhythm synergy will be introduced

Basic Ballad: Enhance intimate feel with this new playing style

Chord Progression Immersion: Learn to sense and harness the inherent power of chord progressions

Duration: 11-week course; 1 hour weekly lessons

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Gold Keyboard Programme has benefitted me greatly as I wish to play the keyboard for simple worship. Teaching of basic keyboard theory and learning with those with the same heart and skill level makes...
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