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Believer Ukulele ProgramTM

3-Weeks Accelerated Module // 1.5hr per lesson



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[This module is tailored for youths (age 7-16) aspiring to play contemporary praise songs]

This is a chance for your child to play the ukulele in an easy yet effective manner. The School Holiday Believer Ukulele Program™ is crafted for children seeking a handy, portable, and hip solution to music-making.
The unique sound of the ukulele possesses a natural ability to unite one’s soul with the music it produces, even with the simplest of worship songs. You will crave for more after playing each song in our classes!

Whether your child is picking up an instrument for the first time, or happen to be a seasoned guitar player, the Believer Ukulele Program™ is sure to provide countless moments of exhilarating pleasure as they sing and play to their favourite worship songs through our breakthrough classroom approach.

Thematic Devotion: Rediscover God through His name and attributes

Rhythm: Essential strumming fundamentals

Harmony: Easy-to-play and great-sounding chords

Music Theory: Chord formulas & construction

Song Application & Techniques: Ensemble playing; play up to 8 familiar praise songs

Duration: 3-week course; 1.5-hour weekly lessons

* Includes courseware and fully-equipped training studio.
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Believer Ukulele Program
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