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Contemporary Voice ProgramTM

The Story of Mankind
Receive up to BM$21 by attending this module. BM$ can be used to offset future course fee payments.
AWDI aims to secure and enhance the delivery skills of the individual, and encourage the singer on a journey to discover his/her unique voice. This module also aims to build within you a stronger internal sense of musicianship and sensitivity in expression across individual and group settings.
This instalment of THE STORY OF MANKIND will ignite and revive your quest for personal growth as you celebrate the spirit of invention.

Duration: 11-week module; 1 hour weekly

Theme: THE STORY OF MANKIND: Inventions highlights the great achievements of the Renaissance era. Be inspired to achieve greater things for yourself and humanity

Expression & Groove Management: Every singer has a distinctive tone and style that is unique. This higher module concentrates on developing an exclusive voice and expression you can call your own. With practice of a variety of songs/themes, develop greater confidence as a solo singer. At the same time, learn how to flow and sing more effectively with musical accompaniment.

Vocal Production: Maintenance exercises and vocal placement exercises. Deliver optimal performance by securing a daily vocal-kickstart regime.

Flow and Direction: Understand the technicalities behind flow and direction in songs, whilst building momentum in your singing.

Harmony: Harmony drills & applications to develop instinctive part-singing.

Spontaneous Praise: Connect with your deepest emotions through words and spontaneous tunes.
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It was through a company promotion that I came to know about Believer Music. I had always thought about learning to sing. I felt singing is one of the best ways to express yourself but I never had the...
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Contemporary Voice Program
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