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Believer Guitar Program - ElectricTM


[This module is tailored for the individual aspiring to play contemporary praise songs]

AWDII will set you on the path of greater independence with advanced chord construction along with chord enhancements. Further enhance your riff playing with the integration of embellishments such as slides, trills, and vibrato/tremolo. Continue to add flavor to your playing with pedal setups and effects appropriate for a variety of song requirements.

THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN (PART II) takes you on an eye-opening adventure into the future to envision YHWH's Kingdom in our lifetime and the forces confronting it. Grow to discern the true intentions behind these forces and realign our worldview to that of the coming Messianic Kingdom.

Thematic Devotion: THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN (PART II) Answer God’s call for the establishment of a righteous and just kingdom in your life and on earth.

Introduction: Advanced Chord Construction and Riff Embellishments

Theory: Enhanced Chords (with 7th note)

Techniques: Riff with Embellishments

Rhythms: March 4 and Groove

Duration: 7-week module; 1 hour weekly 

Interactive Music Exercises: Chord Construction

* Includes courseware and fully-equipped training studio.

Latest Testimonial
Just want to share my experiences during the electric guitar and voice classes. Firstly, what I enjoy most is not the technicalities but the short devotion on the word of God. It reminds me to put God...
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Believer Guitar Program - Electric
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