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Believer Voice ProgramTM

3-Weeks Accelerated Beginner Module // 1.5hr per lesson


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[This module is tailored for youths (age 10 -16) aspiring to sing contemporary praise songs]

If you've always wanted to learn to sing, this is where your journey begins. This essential module offers you a genuine opportunity to speedily pick up key vocal skills, right from the first lesson! By the end of this 3-week course, you would have sung more than 8 songs.

Our thematic approach within each class will help you rediscover who God really is as we reflect upon His Name & titles as revealed in scripture.

Thematic Devotion: THE VOICE OF LIFE - Discover and unleash the life-giving power of the voice

Breath Control: Learn the efficient way of breathing for singing
Vocal Production & Projection: Simple exercises to help DEVELOP your voice!
Diaphragmatic Support: Train and develop the RIGHT MUSCLES for effective singing

Duration: 3-week course; 1.5-hour weekly lessons

School Holiday Believer Voice Term (28 Nov - 18 Dec 2022)




* Includes courseware and fully-equipped training studio.
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It took me a long time to gather enough courage to sign up for singing lessons. As a very bad singer, I initially had lots of reservation and insecurities. I am indeed very blessed to have a Voice Coa...
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Believer Voice Program
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