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Believer Voice ProgramTM


Receive up to BM$21 by attending this module. BM$ can be used to offset future course fee payments.

[This module is tailored for the individual aspiring to learn contemporary praise songs]

After completing AWDIII, this is where the weekly microphone sessions become more engaging and fun. Featuring bi-weekly mic recordings with backing tracks for better singing analysis and development, this module will also provide you with the basic knowledge of sound engineering and how it can positively affect your personal voice tonality.


The thematic focus on The Spirit of YHWH will challenge you to be a discerning generation ready to herald the return of the Messiah and His Heavenly Kingdom. Train your senses to connect with the work of His Spirit in these last days.

Duration: 11-week module; 1 hour weekly

Thematic Devotion: THE SPIRIT OF YHWH.

Microphone Techniques:
Reinforce the skills of using a vocal microphone to accentuate and bring out the desirable qualities of your singing voice

Sound Advice: Draw out your best sound by gaining knowledge on the basics of audio engineering and its equipment.

Studio Recording:
Record your singing with backing-tracks for a more dynamic learning experience.

Solo & Duets:
Master the art of doing vocal solos and performing in duos.

Counter-Melody: Add melodic interest by singing different melodies within a song.


Latest Testimonial
Thanks to my coach for being such a wonderful and encouraging voice coach. I have been singing in my church for a while, yet there are so many singing techniques that the coach taught that I did not k...
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Believer Voice Program
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