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Believer Drum ProgramTM

Receive up to BM$21 by attending this module. BM$ can be used to offset future course fee payments.

[This module is tailored for the individual aspiring to play contemporary praise songs]
AWDII emphasizes on techniques that will add the ‘X-factor’ to your drumming expression. Begin to incorporate embellishments to your playing as you further consolidate your drumming feel. This module will arm you with a wider range of playing options to enrich your playing in any setting.

The thematic focus on THE HEARTBEAT OF HEAVEN (The Messianic Age) places us in the era of 1st Century Israel, covering the role, purpose, and call of the Kingdom of Heaven through the mission of the chosen Messiah. Align with the heartbeat that desires the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth.

Thematic Devotion: THE HEARTBEAT OF HEAVEN (The Messianic Age) Affirm once again your devotion to the original gospel meant for all mankind

Rhythm: Develop better rhythmic feel and body coordination through drum embellishments

Techniques: Drum nuances and embellishments

Synergistic Flow: Dynamic rhythm synergy with added embellishments to create an impactful song

Worship Application: Accompanied play with backing tracks for an immersive playing experience 

Duration: 11-week course; 1-hour weekly lessons


* Includes courseware and fully-equipped training studio. 

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My drum coach is really kind and is very patient in teaching all of us. I have also made many nice friends at Believer Music. The staff are very friendly too, going out of the way to greet everyone th...
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