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Believer Cajon ProgramTM

[This module is tailored for the individual aspiring to play contemporary praise songs]
Worship Dynamics II steps up the intensity and flair from the previous module to lift you to new heights of worship. Exploring more impactful syncopated rhythms, you will garner a wider repertoire of rhythm variations for further song applications. The in-class group synergistic exercises paired to devotional reflection will instill a deep connection between you, your Cajon, and God’s heartbeat.
Our thematic journey, THE ROAD TO VICTORY (Part II), promises to empower you to stand boldly against enemy forces, just as the Israelites withstood the might of Egypt with God on their side. Come away with renewed vigor to play triumphantly on the cajon as you claim your victories.
Thematic Devotion: THE ROAD TO VICTORY (Part II): Claim the redeeming power of God in your lives as we mirror the Israelite march to freedom in the Exodus story.     

Rhythm: Advanced syncopated rhythms with fills

Posture: Single-hand control

Synergistic Flow: Touch dynamics and rhythm flow

Worship Application: Accompanied play with backing tracks

Duration: 7-week course; 1-hour weekly lessons

* Includes courseware and fully-equipped training studio.
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